AR Dirt Podcast – Episode 008 – Tish Shute Interview | Part I

Welcome to Episode 008 – Tish Shute Interview | Part I We are back with another great episode at Augmented Reality Dirt.  We have arrived back safely from the ARE2012 conference and we have some great changes. For starters welcome our AR Dirt analyst Bobby Simpson to the show.  He is our new AR correspondent and joins … [Read more...]

AR Dirt Podcast – Episode 004 – Augmented Reality and Rise of the Robots

Welcome to Episode 004 – Rise of the Augmented Reality Robot. We remember the movie Terminator, where a cyborg assassin programmed to kill travels back in time from 2029 to 1984.  Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the Augmented Reality hyped-machine that needs to assassinate Sarah Connor, the link to the rise of the human … [Read more...]