TED Talk Propels Augmented Reality to ‘Mainstream’ World by Matt Mills of Aurasma

Some of the brightest minds have had the opportunity to speak at TED, a nonprofit  global reaching organization devoted to "Ideas Worth Spreading."  Augmented Reality made a tremendous splash recently after Global Head of Aurasma, Matt Mills,  took the stage and fascinated the audience.  He may have looked like a modern … [Read more...]

AR Dirt Podcast – Episode 004 – Augmented Reality and Rise of the Robots

Welcome to Episode 004 – Rise of the Augmented Reality Robot. We remember the movie Terminator, where a cyborg assassin programmed to kill travels back in time from 2029 to 1984.  Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the Augmented Reality hyped-machine that needs to assassinate Sarah Connor, the link to the rise of the human … [Read more...]