Complex Tasks Eliminated by Augmented Reality-type 3D Tracking

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3D Tracking

One of the best excuses any person can use to get out of a chore is, “I don’t know how to do it.”  Over the years, I have mastered that slogan, but the days of excuses will soon be over.  Self-help Youtube videos are nice, but Augmented Reality-type 3D tracking will revolutionize complicated and complex tasks.

Complex instruction guides will soon be replaced by downloadable 3D tutorials and specialized Apps through tablets and wearable technology.

Every conceivable industry will be transformed that can be tracked and instructional overlays can be utilized.

Say goodbye my friend!

“I can’t fix the lawnmower.”   Excuse Eliminated

“I don’t know how to change the oil in the car.” Excuse Eliminated

“I have no idea how to assemble that new bicycle.” Excuse Eliminated

“There is no way I could figure out how to change an electrical outlet.” Excuse Eliminated

“Installing the TV wall mount is impossible.” Excuse Eliminated

AR-Media  ( recently released a video demonstrating the power of 3D tracking on a Ford motor vehicle.    The video shows the latest 3D tracking technology for Augmented Reality by Inglobe Technologies  in the context of an ordinary maintenance demo application.

Savor your excuses because they are disappearing as wearable technology becomes more prominent.

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    I’ve been trying to get companies to create contextual manuals online for years. I used to be a Casio systems products distributor including cash registers and manuals get updated all the time. A QR Code and a tablet should be all any field technician needs for product specific information. Of course AR means that you can view videos or 3D instructions as well, just by looking at the device. This would also be great added value for products like large copier/printers. How to get inside to clear the paper jam. Loads of opportunities here:)

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