AR Dirt Podcast – Episode 018 – Sergey Brin meets Noah Zerkin Exclusive Interview & AR Hardware Geek Talk

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Sergey Brin by Noah Zerkin

Noah Zerkin runs into Sergey Brin on the #3 Subway in NYC


Noah Zerkin

Welcome to Episode 018 – Sergey Brin meets Noah Zerkin Exclusive Interview & AR Hardware Review

We are back with an exciting new episode with our good friend Noah Zerkin.  Not only is Noah an Augmented Reality hardware geek, but he likes to make international breaking news by running into one of the most powerful men in the world on the Number 3 Subway line.  Get the dirt, the skinny, the down-low on the World of AR. Our show would not be the same without our AR Sidekick, Mr. Bobby Simpson. Bobby will be hear after our new intro that we added to the show (yes this crap is important). Remember, ARDirt is the only podcast with cutting edge augmented reality information and news! Don’t miss Episode 18!

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  • Open Letter to Sergey Brin –  Dear Mr. Brin – We would love to have you on the show with Noah Zerkin.  Please check your schedule and lets get you on air.  You are welcome on the Augmented Reality Dirt Podcast anytime so lets talk soon.  Sincerely Joseph & Bobby

Main Segment: 

Noah Zerkin on Linkedin –
Noah Zerkin on Twitter  – @noazark
Noah Zerkin’s Blog –

Sergey Brin spotted on the New York Subway wearing Google Glasses

Augmented reality geek catches Sergey Brin on the NY subway — wearing Google Glass

Google Glass (And Sergey Brin) Ride the NYC Subway

Google’s Sergey Brin spotted in New York testing out new Google glasses — while riding the subway like any other straphanger

What media name does Noah Zerkin like the best?

  • “Straphanger”
  • “Brooklyn Resident”
  • “Wearable computing enthusiast”
  • “Augmented Reality Geek” (Correct Answer)
  • “Tech Blogger”
  • “enthusiast about augmented reality and wearable computing”

Monkey Puppets talking about Noah Zerkin (Click this link and get the views to over 10!)


Top 5 Things Noah Zerkin Should have said to Sergey Brin!

5)  People like you and me, we have a lot in common, you know, besides riding the 3 train.

4)  Can I hold your water bottle for the rest of my life?

3)  Sergey, I would look that smug too if I was worth 20 Billion dollars!

2)  I seem to have misplaced my wallet, Do you have 500,000 dollars I can borrow?

1)  Do you have a cute sister I can meet?  I mean do you have ANY sister I can meet!?

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