AR Dirt Podcast – Episode 014 – Miguel Sanchez of ARNews.TV & Mass Ideation

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Augmented Reality Dirt Podcast

Miguel Sanchez

Miguel Sanchez – Founder of ARNews.TV and CEO of Mass Ideation

Welcome to Episode 014 – Miguel Sanchez – Founder of ARNews.TV and CEO of Mass Ideation Exclusive Interview We are back with a long overdue Episode 14.  Thanks for your patience, we know it has been a while.  In this episode we interview the founder of ARNews.TV and get his insight into where the world of AR is taking us.   We also  have our AR analyst, Bobby Simpson, here to share his insight.   We hope you enjoy Episode 014 and listen to this exclusive interview at Augmented Reality Dirt. Remember, ARDirt is the only place I know to get cutting edge information and news on Augmented Reality! Don’t miss Episode 14!

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SHOW NOTES – Episode 014 – Miguel Sanchez – Founder of ARNews.TV & Mass Ideation

*** Audio of Miguel Sanchez was recorded on a TASCAM DR-05 inside Chelsea Pier with poor acoustics. ***

In the news:

Main Segment: Miguel Sanchez Links

Links of the show:

Bobby’s Link: 20 Augmented Reality Experiments in Education

Joe’s Link:  Augmented Reality News by AR23D Studio


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October 1-2, 2012  insideAR – Munich, Germany

October 19th, 2012  Augmented Reality in Education – London, UK

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November 5th-8th, 2012 – ISMAR 2012 Atlanta, GA – USA

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