AR Dirt Podcast – Episode 009 – Tish Shute Interview | Part 2

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Welcome to Episode 009 – Tish Shute Interview | Part 2

We are back with another great episode at Augmented Reality Dirt.  I have been doing a lot of travelling but have finally returned safety and been busy as a beaver getting out Episode 009.

Our AR Dirt sidekick Bobby Simpson is travelling the globe but will return soon with new AR news and content that you are sure to enjoy.

We also have a an amazing Part 2  interview with Tish Shute, co-organizer of the ARE conferences and AR innovator.  Tish had so much incredible information that we had to make it two episodes.  You will not want to miss the second half of her interview.

Remember, ARDirt is the only place I know to get cutting edge information and news on Augmented Reality!  Don’t miss Episode 8!

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SHOW NOTES – Episode 009 – Tish Shute Interview | Part 2

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