Podcast Episode 46: AR Journalism – Robert Hernandez Interview

Welcome to Episode 46 – AR Journalism - Robert Hernandez Interview - Robert Hernandez is kicking butt in the realm of academia with his AR Journalism college course.  Hear how Robert is spreading the AR love by jazzing students in storytelling and AR Journalism. Get the dirt, the skinny, the down-low on the World of AR. … [Read more...]

Stopping the Spread of Ebola through Augmented Reality

The headlines pound away at us day after day with ominous news.  Ebola has the potential to spread around the globe through rapid transport on airplanes, trains and automobiles.  The United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other health experts do not recommend shutting down air travel from West Africa. “If you … [Read more...]

Bonus App Content II Released on New Augmented Reality Dirt Podcast App

Are you missing our second release of the Augmented Reality Dirt Podcast App bonus content II? Do not miss our interview with Brian Wassom and hear him talk about his upcoming book release - Augmented Reality Law, Privacy & Ethics.  Don't miss Wassom's amazing insight to important legal issues that every AR … [Read more...]

Podcast Episode 45: AR Glasses App for Civilian Airplane Pilots

Welcome to Episode 45 – AR Glasses App for Civilian Airplane Pilots - Aero Glass is taking the Augmented Reality World by storm.  This is the first Augmented Reality wearable app that helps civilian airplane pilots navigate.  Talk about a game changer in aviation navigation!  We have the dirt with Jeffrey Johnson of Aero … [Read more...]

Bonus App Content 1 Released on New Augmented Reality Dirt Podcast App

We have just released our first bonus app content - Episode I on our new Augmented Reality Dirt Podcast App. How do you get the app: On Google Play - www.ARdirt.com/googleapp On iOS - www.ARdirt.com/appleapp   (Should be out any day) On Amazon App Store - www.ARdirt.com/amazonapp   How do you get the … [Read more...]

New ARdirt Podcast App Released for FREE; Bonus content coming out soon on our APP ONLY

If you are an Augmented Reality manic then please download our new AR Dirt Podcast App. Android? Apple?  We have it BABY!   Check out the easy links to download it. Did we say it's FREE!!!!  Why get the app?  Well, because it will have exclusive content heard ONLY on the app. Don't miss out!  It's free so there is … [Read more...]

Podcast Episode 44: Movie Depicts the Unethical Uses of AR Glasses – Antonio Cannady Interview

Welcome to Episode 44 – Movie Depicts the Unethical Uses of AR Glasses - Antonio Cannady, director, strikes an uncomfortable cord with AR glass users.   Some might call it a publicity stunt, other would say that wearable technology is under attack.  Is this a black eye on AR movement or just a "Hollywood moment." Some would … [Read more...]

Augmented Reality Dirt Podcast Releases App on Google Play

We are rolling out our own Augmented Reality Dirt Podcast App for the world to find all our episodes in an easy, simple way on your smartphone. The AR Dirt Podcast app is available on all Android devices if you go to www.ARdirt.com/googleapp The AR Dirt Podcast app will be released very shortly on iOS, Windows phones, … [Read more...]

Podcast Episode 43: AR Innovator Chuck Benton Interview

Welcome to Episode 43 – AR Innovator Chuck Benton Interview - Chuck Benton is taking the AR world by storm.  Hear his fascinating interview about all the different positive contributions he is making in AR navigation, AR property boundaries, and AR utilities.  Get the dirt, the skinny, the down-low on the World of AR. AR … [Read more...]

Podcast Episode 42: Contextual Marketing Evangelist – David Francis Interview

Welcome to Episode 42 – AR Branding with David Francis - Don't miss a fascinating interview with David Francis. Get the dirt, the skinny, the down-low on the World of AR. AR Dirt is the only podcast with cutting-edge insight into all aspects of augmented reality development! Don’t miss Episode 42! Spread the word! Subscribe … [Read more...]